Ekko's Auto attack hurts so bad. When he has a lich bane and does % of missing health? and 2 % per 100 ap so if a 1000 ap ekko 25% of a targets missing health as magic damage JESUS CHRIST! Paired with a lich bane? EWWWWW!! WORSE THAN RIVEN & TEEMO Ekko's Q is a slow boomerang like Sivir's Q (way to go rito for doing a same concept) W if inside is a big motherfucking shield (Mage Assassins sure need something defensive, like kat except she doesnt heal or get a shield) E is a nice roll like Vayne's Q (except this one goes through god damn walls not vaynes gg rito) R is just plain BULLSHIT! a BIG HEAL Soraka's W and R don't even touch a 960 ap ekko's heal for a F***ing ASSASSIN! If an ekko's super fed like 10/1/5 or 20/2/12, you lose especially if an ekko has 50 magic pen plus another 35% like I run. You are just screwed, so in draft ban ekko forever. The mistake someone not banning him, have fun losing league points. I think nerfing his passive aa stack and ultimate are useful.. Not so much what WAS in the patch change. If you can make ekko's roll not go through walls please do so to keep this game not toxic. That's all!!!
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