I feel like the new Rift Hearld is way too hard to kill for it gives you, a very lackluster buff. The "Superbuff" doesnt give alot of dmg of even very noticeable, so I think the buff needs to do a lot more if anyone is ever going to try to kill him, since hes HARD to fight. As of right now, I don't even notice the buff half the time, and more often people don't want to fight him. Since hes a 1 time spawn and give only give a buff to 1 person, along with being harder then the early dragons, I think it should be a deadly buff. This will have people contesting and fighting over it, and will make it different from the other buffs. On another note, I think the Elder Spawns a little late, and Baron feels kinda weaker now as well. Turrets don't do alot and the Red and Blue still don't help. I think all the objectives need to feel, more impactful. Even the new Dragons feel a bit weak in terms of power. As of right now, they feel really lackluster most of the time. Even some of the Smite Buffs feel really weak. They need to be changed around alot more to feel better.

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