Bring Taliyah's Old E Marker Back Please

I recently hopped in a game as my main Taliyah and was very upset to see that Riot had changed her marker for her W. I encountered so many struggles trying to cast it the right direction and cannot see why they changed it from the old version. She was perfectly fine before and all be it a small change it completely ruins her fun and comboes. I couldnt change the direction of my W to save my life and it would even constantly cast in a completely different spot making it far too difficult to properly play her. Not to mention you cant properly see the size of her W which for new players is very difficult to hit as it already was. This change is gonna confuse so many Taliyah mains not to mention making it so much harder to see the quality of life of Taliyah to the new Taliyah players. Please Please fix this and bring it back.
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