Zyra Q mana cost going up???!! ARE YOU JOKING?

How is this justified? She starts with almost NO mana. Cant CS without Plants but has to use Q or E to get plants Plants live for ONLY 5s (not like {{champion:74}} FOREVER DPS machines) At lvl 3 one combo is 30% of her mana At lvl 6 a full Ult combo is 41% of her mana. She CANT lane without huge mana regen items or a flat mana item right now. And you want to make it harder for her? Her plants die in 5s or in one Dot/AOE attack from anyone. She has ONLY 2 spells to lane with AND no innate sustain. She is JUST barley over 50% win rate this month but can only kill someone with help or full burst after auto attack poking down her laner Unlike most mages she has no way to stop a melee champ at all (Roots animation takes up most of the Roots duration)
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