Soraka's new passive is unnecessarily difficult

For those of us not living on the east coast and boasting a ping less than 20, clutch heals are extremely difficult. I desperately want to heal my allies when they need it the most, but more often than not I press the heal button and then it doesn't go off because they're dead already. I watch the health bars on the side of my screen, waiting for the right moment, press R and then they die, despite me pressing R before they were dead. Instead of rewarding clutch heals, it encourages people to wait till the last second and endanger their allies, leading people to become angry with poor Soraka because "WTF Soraka, why didn't you heal?" Soraka's only answer is "Because I was trying to get the most out of my passive." What comes afterwards? "noob soraka cant heal" "gg support cant support" "soraka for B5" Despite how hard anyone tries, will alone cannot overcome bad internet, and encouraging people to wait till the last second is not a good idea.
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