Groovy Zilean splash changes

Same thing here that applies to Goth Annie, but in reverse... Groovy Zilean is by far my favourite skin on good ol' Zil: He's basically a laidback kinda Hippie grandpa. And this is where the GSU steps into place: In his current splash, he has the same kind of fantasy: The vibrant colors and pose as well as facial expression deliver the experience all Zilean mains are looking for when picking this skin. The GSU splash on the other hand showcases a crazy maniac. Like, literally. His peace symbol is almost fully covered up and his textures don't even come close to the current ingame textures. Also, his hair. Completely off in comparison to the ingame model. Might just be a stylistic choice, idk. And to top it off: This face. Seriously: The face of a serial killer. Need I say anything more? I'm aware that this is a "short term" solution, but this isn't even sustainable for the span of a day. On a side note: Zileans urgently needs a VU. Like, between Shen and Tristana size. His gameplay is fully functional since his last GU. Please just give him the appropriate looks to go with it. It may take several months to over a year, but please consider remaking his appearance to make him the champion on his current splash. {{champion:26}}
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