EDIT -- Trying a couple new things based on PBE feedback. tl;dr mainly w seeds grant vision again and P seeds won't spawn while Zyra is hiding in a brush. Hello all! This is the rough Zyra changelist for the next patch. She's currently playable on PBE, though her Wildfire and Haunted skins' Q graphics are currently bugged (should be fixed soon!). Exact numbers being subject to balance change etc, but feel free to ask about anything you'd like more info on. Here's the rough changelist: * **Base stats** * +15 Movement speed. * **P - Garden of Thorns** * Seeds spawn around Zyra periodically, becoming faster with level and lasting 45 seconds (Max: 8 seeds planted). If an enemy Champion steps on a seed, it dies. Cast Deadly Spines or Grasping Roots near seeds to grow plants. Extra plants striking the same target deal 50% less damage. * Spells show Zyra which plants they will grow at time of cast. * Periodically spawns two seeds at the same time, though it won't place them close together. * Individual plant damage down some, plant health down to two ticks (W now has a passive to improve it), plant lifetime scales 5 - 7.5s based on Zyra's level. Necessary given that she has 2x - 3x as many plants each fight xD * Trying a version where Garden of Thorns won't spawn if Zyra is hiding in a brush until she leaves it or takes an action. * **Q - Deadly Spines** * As live Q, but updated VFX and a rectangular shape. * Grows plants outside the damage area like Grasping Roots does. * Mana cost reduced, damage reduced slightly. * **W - Rampant Growth** * Cooldown reduction passive removed. * New passive: Increases plant max Health% * Trying a version where W seeds do grant vision / vision on squish and last 60s instead of 45s. * **R - Stranglethorns** * Enraged plants gain a flurry attack for 150% damage instead of +50% attack speed. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them!
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