A recent video by [gbay99](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3Yz2TG4lfs) got me thinking about the PBE and the state of it's function in general. He makes many points throughout saying that RIOT seems to pay little attention to the PBE comments, that it's become more of a skin preview client than one to test bugs/items/champs. Both of which, unfortunately seem to ring true to me. I don't have many games of the PBE, since I'd rather spend my time in a more stable environment, one that should be provided by the PBE testing eliminating bugs and unbalanced items/champions. In the video, he references the recent Juggernauts release and how, (let's be honest with ourselves) the four of them essentially dominated solo queue, at least in the lower tiers. I myself am only gold v, yet I see the four of them banned almost every single game. Considering that this week alone, the five most recently reworked champions are also the five most banned champions in solo queue, it ain't just a low elo player complaining. [SOURCE](http://www.lolking.net/charts?type=bans) I've seen minimal responses to player feedback on these pbe forums, especially since Kindred's release into the PBE. Many of the bug reports on the forums seem to go ignored. I am aware of the new bug reporting tool, but there doesn't seem to be any feedback to the community or players who report those bugs. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) When I got my PBE account last year, I was happy to go about testing new items, champs, game mechanics (and yes, skins as well) and report whatever mishaps I found to the forums. But even then, the only responses I got were from other players and I often sawe those same bugs hit public release and then be complained about on the main forums. I understand that the PBE community is much smaller that the public one.And I'm aware that some bugs only surface once 100 million plus people all play at the same time to create almost every unique scenario to find those bugs, a luxury of resouces and time the PBE doesn't have. I get it, but there are so many things being reported and discussed with little input by riot themselves. Let me be clear; this is simply my observation. I'm aware that I may not be getting the full story, but I fear that the PBE is simply becoming "Skin Spotlights: The Game." I've seen reports about the Juggernauts needing tweaking, or Ekko's pre-release stats, but still those champions go live ONLY to be nerfed afterwards, sometimes much too harshly. I feel like the PBE is where everything is supposed to be unsure and volitile, not live where LP can be on the line. Anyways, if I am wrong about any of this, I'll own that. I want to wrong about all of it. If any player or rioter out there want's to correct, please do. I don't want to see the pbe go ignored or become useless altogether because someone just wants to record the new skin for their Youtube channel instead of actually seeing how it interacts with the game.
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