Yay Doombots . . . wait that's it?

I'm glad doombots is back, it's one of the more interesting game modes. But it seems to have the same problem of 'all for one mirror mode', same concept however the different execution makes it feel like a dollar store copy. I enjoy playing against some of the newer champions having more unique combinations of powers, but when it automatically just ends after the super boss; it felt disappointing. I was expecting said boss (so I don't spoil anything for those who haven't played it yet) to reappear a half hour later even stronger if you hadn't destroyed the ai's nexus in time. It sounds like a hollow victory compared to the original doombots; the fact that it the boss shows up so soon and gives you so little time to either beat it or fail, then the game just ends if you do beat it, doesn't feel worth it. You don't have to hang on long enough to build items anymore, you don't really have to work together either as long as someone with spam-able damage is attacking the boss. And thanks to the way the game has been balanced all season, it plays even more like a game of 'whos got the fastest reaction', instead of a team-based chess match. I'm happy it's back, but let down; both from it's design change, and from the surrounding circumstances that've lost it's excitement.
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