Sion's Q. Decimating Smash. Is Terrible: here is why

Im under the same impression with the Q, being frozen and unable to move you cast seems too punishing, and while I love counter play, being able to CC him out of such an obvious windup is bogus considering the amount of interrupts on skills, and the fact that you can just walk away from it, I would much prefer to see the Q behave like {{champion:150}} 's wallop, and be uninterrupted, because at least then its a reliable farming tool. Right now Sion just gets to punished in lane for the sake of, counter play, and has no obvious reward for doing it well, the 2.25 second stun/ knock up is nice, but entirely unreliable because of enemy interrupts CD and, you can WALK OUT OF IT. essentially if you're running Sion's Q as your primary lane skill, all the enemy has to do if you're using to harass or set up is move out of the way, or, if you're using it to farm, interrupt you. examples of people played in top that flat out make it impossible to land a Q? {{champion:266}} : Q jump is faster, has a knock up and interrupts the stun before it can be launched {{champion:12}} both his Q and his W can stop Sion before he can actually use the skill. {{champion:31}} Silence and Q both negate cast of Q {{champion:122}} E pulls you out of using your Q {{champion:60}} Can stun you from using Q with human E {{champion:86}} Q silence stops you from using Q or activating Q, so not stun, no damage. {{champion:79}} Body-slam interrupts, and if we count ults, explosive casket does that too. {{champion:39}} Dash/stun combo, stops you from using Q. {{champion:59}} E-Q combo, knocks Sion out of Q charge and can be done faster than the 1s Charge. {{champion:24}} Counter strike stuns Sion out of Q. {{champion:89}} Leona stun/snare both cancel Sion's Q. {{champion:117}} Transmogulate! considering how much she see's play in top, she makes the list, though I think hers should function, because hows a squirrel CCing people. {{champion:57}} Q and W will both interrupt Sion's Q {{champion:56}} Fear will cancel Q while he uses the spell shield to avoid it. {{champion:150}} Almost forgot Gnar, who can both stun through sions stun, and Gnar! will also cancel it. {{champion:133}} Quinns E both pushes him out of Q and gets her out of harms way. {{champion:80}} Pantheon can stun you out of Q before you reach stun length. {{champion:58}} renektons Slice and Dice into stun stops sion from using Q. {{champion:92}} Rivens, stun, gapcloser and Q can all prevent sions Q, and or evade it. {{champion:113}} Sejuani's Charge stops Sion from charging Q. {{champion:13}} Rune prison stops the Q. {{champion:27}} get flipped yo' no more Q for you sion. {{champion:16}} the ground silence cancels sions Q, from a distance before he even gets to think about it {{champion:48}} Pillar has both a longer cast range, lower mana cost, and stops sion from using Q. {{champion:4}} TF yellow card for the reasons above. {{champion:67}} Condemn cancels the Q. {{champion:77}} Bear stance stun. {{champion:154}} Zac's E does the job nicely and sets up Zac for more damage, because sion is frozen in place while charging, hard to miss that jump. {{champion:5}} the triple hit knock up off the charge {{champion:115}} satchel charge. {{champion:157}} Steel tempest third proc. {{champion:143}} Grasping Vines {{champion:78}} heroic charge from poppy does it as well. {{champion:254}} Her Q is a more mobile version of your Q and, its faster. Now I may have missed some, and the list deviated a little from all top laners, but look at this list, with about 120 champions, I could name, most of which appear top here and there, without listing ultimate's and other forms of mitigation, people who flat out counter sions Q, and worse using your Q as Sion, makes you a sitting duck for them to A: interrupt it, and B: follow up that interrupt because your Q is on cooldown punishing you for even attempting to use one of your core skills. To top it off, they all also have the same advantage, they can just move out of the way of it. I am not suggesting we make him able to change direction of the skill, or have him walk around while charging it, I suggest that we tune the numbers of stun to " if charged for more than 1 second, decimating smash also stuns for 1-2 seconds based on how long it has been charged, Sion cannot be interrupted during channel." If this change doesn't appeal, then because we're already being put on cool down if it gets interrupted, should he be interrupted, cc'd in any way, the channel stops wherever it is, and automatically activates, AKA if I've charged to 1 second, and garen silences me, My Q should fire where I was channeled at. same if I was nami bubbled, or if leona/pantheon stunned me then off it goes, where ever it was at. Ive listed 35 out of 120 or so champions that completely negate, and punish Sion for even thinking of using his Q by himself, and If I were to list the total number of people with some form of interrupt that would screw Sion over, I'm sure we would get closer to 60, maybe even 75 champions, that's 50-60% of the TOTAL CHAMPION POOL, which, with no weight on how often certain picks were made, you have a 93% chance of having more than one champion that counters sion's Q in your game.
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