The new Shen, a slow and passive "ninja" (SHEN Main feedback)

So I tried 3 times the new Shen (as support, but I roam a lot). On live he's my main (rank 5 mastery). Firstoff, I wasn't bad with the new Shen and if I'm not wrong I had good KDAs every times. _(sorry for my english)_ Positive : - Badass ingame model (even if I'd like a smaller crown) and animations. - New interesting potential in jungle. The fact that you can leave the sword somewhere and potentially protect a lanner (W) from far away. Negative : - I played "Old Shen" after my tests and I felt what was missing. Playing and enjoying Shen is all about React. Reacting to dangerous positionnings and precious teammates : when you feel a danger or opportunity, you do your stuff in a blink. And sometimes you are even able to link multiple engages in the enemy team in mid/late game teamfights. I love it....and I don't feel that anymore with the new Shen. (Details below) - Out of energy too quickly, after one full combo in the enemy team, you're just a fucking fat melee minion that can only AA, **waiting** for regen and/or CD. Even if I pace the spells, one after another, slowly, with AAs between, it's just disappointing. The E feels slow to execute, the Q takes so much time to reach your hand and his AAs are too slow for a Ninja. The CDs of the W and especially E are frustrating. - The Q is half stupid right now. The worst thing is that enemies can see an arrow on you to know where is the blade. How can you do that ? It's already so difficult to place it behind an enemy without E... Anyone with a brain can dodge your Q now... Also, the slow is difficult to use and not rewarding. We need poke, why not add damages when blade hit an enemy ? - The old passive was so satisfying in every way (the sound too). The new (shield) is just boring. - I played (old) Shen support a lot and the new kit is less interactive with your teammate, because before I was able to use my Q on minions (with a good timing) or enemies to heal my team, plus my passive was really good with the relic shield. Now the only interactivity I have is a stupid brainless AOE (W) with a long cooldown... This is a pure regression in terms of interactivity. Suggestions : - REWORK THE Q. It's not a Ninja thing at all. It's just too slow, doesn't have any poke potential, too much dependent of the E. I would prefer one blinky hit (somehow like the old passive), than 3 slow warrior's AA. ** I want to feel the ninja not the boring warrior**. Also, maybe you could add vision on the blade. - more energy regen or better CDs, I want to be able to do something after one combo, and use my E more than one time in a mid/lategame teamfight... You wanted to make the new Shen fun ? He's way more passive right now, because you can't link many spells during a real teamfight, because you can't poke and interact with your teammates as before, because his Q is weaker and doesn't feel "Ninja". As player, all you have to do with the new Shen is looking at your CDs/regen and pray to hit the enemy with an inoffensive flying blade. I'm sorry but this new gameplay is boring and the skillcap has been lowered.
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