I feel that Sion's Q is a little too punishable. I mean yes it does a lot of damage and has a really nice knockup/stun...but the problem is that he really gets messed over with mana and then he has to spend the same amount to cast it again. I believe a good way to fix this issue, is if he is CC'ed in any way, it should perform as much of the attack that he charged before he was stunned. Example being, if he got just about 2 seconds and was stunned, instead of stopping the ability completely, instead should immediately cast it. I also mean to ask anyone who responds to this, if they think it would be too strong of an ability if he was able to turn while channeling it, so he can get the full potential of the skill, making it more difficult to side step a 2 second charge up skill. I get that it is a stationary high risk skill, but if there is gonna be a rule that he cant move, then slightly changing where he is aiming it might not be too bad. I'm not sure...just wanna hear some opinions :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Idea) I thought about this idea for the Q... The Q could be much quicker to cast, but also deals less damage. But the trick side is, is that the current model of his Q is split between two abilities. If his W is up, then once he successfully casts his Q, it should detonate and deal an additional set amount of damage and stun for an extra second. I realized also that Riot is making him towards more of a Fighter like character. I don't see the point in there being AP ratios for his W and his E, and them being really small ratios at that. If they are going to be low ratios, they may as well be AD in which he can benefit from these too. Another idea could be instead of having the percentage plus the flat damage, why not be able to increase the max health percentage with an AD ratio. For his E I admit it is a really cool idea for an ability, but for it hitting the entire team requiring a non-champion unit, it seems to be half reliable. Just an idea, it could possibly be a more cone like attack similar to cho'gath's which has a lower slow, but slightly pushes the enemies like Riven and knocks non-champions units back farther to a range that of Syndra's knockback, doing the similar slow effect and damage that it currently does. It also could have a mechanic in which, if it hits only 1 champion unit, it will deal an additional 50-100% more damage, which gives him more of a chance against enemies in a one on one situation, making the Roar of the slayer name a very fitting name :) (TL;DR for the idea) 1)Q's current power state is put into the W making Q do more with W and tweaking stats. 2)E is more like a cone similar to cho'gath...it doing more damage to lonely champions and pushing champions back slightly. {{champion:14}} *GET ON MY CHOPPAH!*
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