[Crafting Feedback] When you own all champions, you should stop obtaining champion shards.

If you already had all champs you dont need champion shards, since you already can buy them with IP, then: -you would be able to change champions shard/essence into cosmetic essence. -If you keep gaining shards with all champs you cannot fuse 3 of them into nothing, the system prevent this and show an error pop up. -There should be bundles for buying Keys and chest x 2 to 10. -The system needs adjust, the system tend to release several repeated skins, for example: -I got like 6 Nocturne eternum. -I got like 4 scuba gragas - got like 3 warring tryndas. -4 akalis -3 gragas... etc. Then the system started to release a lot of repeated champion content, I got like 6 different WW skins, 6 Trynda skins, 4 blitz, then several other champions as Velkoz didnt appeared at all. All this examples were using like 80 chest to test. I got 2 Ultimates, which both were ezreal. like 10 legendaries, which mostly were repeated skins, 3 nocturnes, 3 jannas, 1 cho gath, 1 Veigar, etc. BTW, can we remove the refresh on the shop? If you use the shop, which got a new refresh effect (since several months ago), it makes a delay when you buy something, then if you sort the items to buy and buy anything, the resfresh remove the filter, so you must calibrate it again. With a few tunning this system will be nice.
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