Nexus Siege changes now up for testing on PBE!

Hewwo, Summoners! \o We're back again with another round of Nexus Siege, with some bug fixes and QoL updates! We heard a lot of feedback while the mode was live that certain champions like Gangplank felt really bad because they do not generate currency at an increased rate. So, we've made the following changes! **Updates: ** * Gangplank now generates Silver Serpents passively! * Thresh now gets 2 stacks for every 1 soul * Nasus now gets 6 stacks per minion (12 per Cannon Minion & Champion) **We also have a round of bug fixes available for this run!:** * Champions with screen-tint (Rengar while ulting, Zilean while ulting, etc) should no longer have their screen tinted in the 2nd round if they ult during round-swap! * Nexus Siege games should now be spectate-able via the Buddylist drop down! :) So spectate your friends and trash talk them! * Remake should now be enabled for Nexus Siege! You should be able to remake within the normal guidelines during the **first round only**. * All Items (Elixirs, Gangplank Upgrades) in the shop should reset properly on round-reset! Once this fix is in, you'll be able to buy/not buy those things appropriately. As always, if you have any bugs or feedback, please submit a comment below or submit a report via the [Bug Reporting Tool](! Thanks for all your help <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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