KALISTA Impressions & Feedback

**Kalista Feedback** After playing with Kalista, my first impressions with her is that she is extremely fun to play and very unique as a champion. I am impressed with her passive and it makes her feel right at home in the bot lane as an attack damage carry. Her release skin, Blood Moon Kalista, is well done and I love the red colors with the mix of other complementary colors. Anyway, I would like to discuss each of her abilities in each section, so it is easier to read and organized for better viewing. **Passive - Martial Poise** Her passive is really amazing because it gives her a lot more mobility and have the ability to dodge skill shots. However, after playing against Kalista a good amount of times, it can really make her into the next Yasuo since she doesn’t have to predict the opponent’s moves that much by moving all the time. It feels like she has an invisible wind wall, where she somehow dodges an ability with ease or by accident. Her passive at the moment feels a bit clunky, but I believe that it takes time to use and may need some adjustments. **Q - Pierce** I personally think it is a really nice ability and she can use it to finish off the opponent or poke in lane. With a few items, she can clear the wave of minions pretty quickly, so that’s nice since a lot of attack damage carries don’t have exceptional wave clear. It would be pretty cool if the spear can go through multiple targets since it is a “ghost” spear, but I think it’s fine the way it is. A bit hard to land though! **W - Sentinel** I love this ability, it screams creativity and it helps Kalista avoid getting caught since she is pretty squishy. Her W passive is cool as well and it truly defines her as an ADC. The only issue I have with her W is that the distance needs to be limited because I feel like it can go across half of the map because I don’t know how far it will go. Will need to experiment a bit more with this ability. **E - Rend** An ability kind of similar to Twitch’s E, but with a refresh after a kill! I like this ability because it helps with last hitting and secure the kill when fighting. I think the slow is unnecessary, but it is barely noticeable and I have no issues with it. This ability gives her a high chance to wipe out the whole team if used correctly and allows her to stay in a fight awhile. **R - Fate’s Call** Her ultimate ability is a bit…weird. It can only be used on her oathsworned ally and only your ally choose the direction where he/she wants to go. It makes me feel like it is an unreliable ability since you have no control over it, only when you want to use it. However, I believe that it will be a powerful ability if the ADC and the soulbounded ally knows how to use it effectively. It is unfortunate that it deals like no damage, which I think it should. In my personal opinion, there should never be champion in League of Legends that has the ability to control other champions on the same team. It creates a very unenjoyable experience if the player doesn't know how to use it or even the support don't know how to use it. **Overview** Overall, I found her to be one of the most unique champions in the entire game next to Gnar and Thresh. She is fun to play, exciting to watch, and powerful in the right hands. However, the main problems about Kalista is her passive, her soul bound item, and her ultimate. which can be unenjoyable for some players. Her passive is a bit broken or overpowered in certain situations because Kalista has the ability to dash and dodge skill shots after every single auto attack. Her soul bound item can only be used once in game, so an AFK support will ruin the whole game because her ultimate will become useless. Her ultimate takes complete control over your oathsworned ally, which can interrupt their abilities and it will be chaotic if he/she doesn't know how to use it. I am looking forward to see what Riot will do with Kalista in the future and hopefully she will be enjoyable to play with as well as playing against her!
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