What was the goal when designing Azir's e?

Azir's e, "shifting sands", lets him dash to his sand soldier. If he collides with an enemy, he stops, knocks the enemy up for .5 seconds, and gains a shield. This seemed a little bit strange to me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see Azir as a squishy, long range, slightly immobile, sustained damage mage. That being said, why would a squishy "puppet master" style champion be going into melee range with their enemies? Some will say it's to execute, or finish the enemies off. Well the dash damage itself isn't what's going to kill them, it's the cc and the aggressive positioning of Azir that's going to lead to a kill. Also, what kind of emperor will dash into the faces of his enemies, but only to command his soldiers to kill them (he has no skills that he executes himself, all his skills are command moves). I propose we make Azir's dash like j4's e q combo. That way, Azir players know exactly where they will position themselves, regardless what's in the way. This can also lead to more aggressive and riskier plays, such as (as many have been speaking about) performing an "insec" with Emperor's Divide. Onto the other aspect of Azir's e, I do not think the cc in Shifting Sands has to be a knockup. Right now, it seems like Azir's bodyslamming into his opponents and the impact of the blow is what's creating the knockup. I feel like that's really inelegant, especially for a proud emperor like Azir. If his e were to change so it acts like j4's combo, his cc when he passes enemies could be something like a short root or snare. I mean, when I hear "shifting sands", I see Azir swiftly dashing past his enemies, "shifting" the sands around his foes (esp at their feet). Well anyways, those are just my thoughts and suggestions on Azir's e.
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