Special Weapon Zac deserves more on ulti vfx

* Special Weapon Zac has been my go to Zac skin despite the addition of the Chromas and Pool Party. Why? Because he actually looks different. * Yes, I know its not that much of a difference but to me its a lot. His passive blobs have a bunch of tentacles, his body has a lot of extra little spikes here and there. His face is different, and that is part of what I find problematic with his ultimate. * His Ultimate just uses his base face with red eyes. He has a way cooler face with a larger more savage looking lower jaw that isn't emphasized at all. Pool Party is different because its water with water sound effects. Special Weapon Zac has an opportunity to be updated to be truly different and less considered the purple chroma for Zac. Getting the skin's face and the same spike/tentacle aesthetics in his ulti animation would be absolutely fantastic.

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