Dark Harvest Balance Changes Ideas

Since there is a lot of posts crying about DH nerfs i decided to make this one so you can post your idea and share with us how do you think what changes would make that rune viable again but more fair so i will just start sharing my idea Stacks: agree with riot's decision, the rune is definetely strong and since we are talking of a snowball rune when you can start the snowball it is way too easy to get 100 stacks, in short: 150 stacks to upgrade Upgraded Stack Duration: i really don't see why the upgrade time is such an absurd amount of time, there is no logic going from 20 sec to 300 sec i think double the time to 40 sec would be reasonable but i don't know how that would impact the gameplay and also i think it's possible to make 60 sec maybe but 40 sec is fine, just enough time to get your stack a find a prey Damage: to all you guys that didn't agreed with riot decisions with the "buy ninja tabi" speech, come on don't pretend to be blind the rune was beyond broken, same with full ap galio isn't reasonable leave such things go to live servers since it doesn't matter how much you say the damage was absurd unfortunetely i really don't know how to balance the damage but i think that the base damage is ok now Aditional Feature (Read it Nerf): I think that the most OP thing about the rune is it does not have CD when you proc you just need to stack again and you're good to go i think that should be some cooldown between activations, somethink like 5-10 seconds at least it doesn't stop you from snowballing but at the same time stops you from going beserk on teamfights after every reset you get well that is some of my ideas i think riot messed up this time and nerfed to hard instead of actually balance the rune so if anyone have some idea to share you're wellcome
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