To Riot: My thoughts about changes on Diana and what could be done

Hi guys, I've been playing Diana a lot and i'm glad Riot had a look on her. First, let's remind everybody what have been changed on her: Passive: no longer gives 20% bonus AS Q: Cd reduced to 8-6s from 10-6s E: new passive: +40-80% bonus AS for your next 3 attacks after casting a spell These changes are nice (i don't like the removal of AS on passive though, it penalizes you too much in early trades, last hitting, pushing waves or split pushing) but unnecessary. They mostly help you to land her passive in late game but you don't need to land it, you have enough damage to kill carries without it and even with this boost, you don't have enough time to land 3 attacks in late game team fights. I'd like to share my overall point of view on Diana because I think Riot is not targeting well Diana's problems with these changes. What's wrong with Diana is not that she lacks damage, her problem is that she is unreliable, very all-in and that she has no real optimal build: her gameplay requires a bruiser build but AP build is much more efficient due to the fact that her damages scales like an assassin: low early/mid game base damage and high AP ratios. If you're building her like a **bruiser** you need plenty items before becoming efficient because she lacks of everything: -AP because of her low base damage -Mana because of her low mana pool and the fact that you want to extend fights with a bruiser build -CDR because of her Q's High CD, even 6s is way too long and you become efficient with 30%CDR which allows you to recast Q in a reasonable delay. -mobility because you have no escape and no way to get closer to an enemy running away from your Q. Her Q's Range against an enemy running away is ~600-650(bc your target have moved from the moment you cast it and the moment it lands) which means you can't chase most enemies without dead man's plate. If you're using Q+R on a minion, it leaves you ~5s during which your target can easily kill you because your Q is reloading and casting your R without Q would make it even worse unless you have allies with you. -HP and resistances, on a bruiser build her shield is kinda weak compared to other ones because she doesn't have much AP and most shields scale with HP -Probably the most important: she lacks a lane. **Jungle Diana** is terrible, she is the 2nd worst WR in the game because of her inability to put any pressure before lv6, the enemy jungler can easily get many kills before you can do anything and the game will already be snowballed. Going mid would deprive your team from a carry and toplane is way too dangerous for her because of the lane's length which makes her very easily ganked unless she is near her turret because she has no escape. She is also a bad duellist against other bruisers, she has no sustain and runs out of mana fast which is a problem against durable laners. Now let's talk about **AP Diana**: If I had to describe her with a single word, it would be "frustrating". She has so many downsides due to the difference between her kit and her AP carry role that the champion is permanently baiting you to suicide, I will list some of the reasons why she is frustrating: -The fact that if you Q+R and that your Q kills your target while you are dashing with you R, you don't get a reset. Killing an enemy on every other champion makes you glad but not on her, when this happens you really want to smash your screen. Same goes for minions when you want to dash on a minion and you don't get the reset to finish an enemy (if your enemy understood that you didn't get your reset and kills you, you break your house instead) -The fact that the optimal way to play her is to Q+R before your Q reaches your target, because if you wait to see if your Q landed, your target will understand he is in danger and dash, CC you or just walk away to safety. You already outplayed him by succeeding to land your Q but yet, your target can still escape and prevent you from dashing on him. The only counter to that is to Q+R instantly but it's baiting you to suicide because your Q might fail by a very small distance and it ends up in you suiciding because you've lost 3/4 of your damage by failing Q and not having your second R's damage and your passive won't probably proc neither. -The fact that her kit is made to engage fights whereas as a carry you can never do it, engaging fights with Diana ends in a critical failure even if you landed a perfect E on 3 people: you get cc'd and killed before being able to do anything: you are way too squishy to do such moves -The combination of being a carry and having 0 escape, 0 defensive CC makes you getting ganked and caught way too easily; her E is very hard to time to cancel enemy's incoming dashes because it had a long casting time, longer than most dash's speed. You only have your poor shield that won't save you with a carry build I understand that most of her downsides are on purpose but the main reason why this champion is so unpopular and weak is that she is "very high risk, average reward", there are billions ways to spend a bad time playing Diana and there are no reason to pick her instead of other champions in 2017 unlike you really enjoy her like me and other few disciples of the Moon. I believe that Riot is missing the point because they are improving the wrong things on her. Before making any change on her, they should answer this question: how should we play her and should we build her? Is she a bruiser, an AP carry, a jungler? a laner? If they think she should be a bruiser on toplane, then they should improve her laning so she can survive ganks, not run out of mana so fast and optimize her damage so she has to build 2-3 offensive items and 2-3 defensive ones. If they think she is a jungler, then they should make something so she can bother enemies before lv6, Diana running to you with her bare feet doesn't scare much people unless they are pushing to turret. If they think she is a carry, then make her more permissive so that she doesn't have downsides of bruisers without their durability. Anyway, even if they prefer to keep her as a jack-of-all-trades, here is in my opinion a change that could be much more pleasant and fix much more problems that with the ones on PBE: Q: +30-50% MS for 2s if it hits a champion In lane: It gives you some kind of way to escape from ganks but enemies can dodge it or gank you after you've used it In jungle: landing it gives you the ability to get closer from enemies to cast E so you can gank before lv6 Everywhere: you don't have to always Q+R instantly, you can wait to see if your Q landed so you don't suicide seing that you failed your Q only at the moment you are already in the fight. You also have a small chance to escape from catches. R: killing an enemy with Q while you are dashing with R on this target still resets it, I've already explained above how frustrating it is to see that your Q killed your target while dashing with R and not getting it reset. Thanks for reading, I am sorry to make it that long but it's hard to explain so much things on a small post.
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