(Suggestion) Maybe a special skin for people on PBE at the end of season 4?

I was just thinking that there are lots of old skins for certain things which are now unobtainable, which seem special to people who got the skins, such as maybe king rammus {{champion:33}} for the beta testers. I started playing midway through season 3, and have not really had an opportunity to receive a special skin, since I am not gold standard or anything like that. I was thinking maybe a skin given out at the end of season for players who have tested on PBE during the season, just to give some people the opportunity to get a skin they would treasure. I was thinking that the skin could be like a scientist, or tester skin for a champion, since testing is what you do on PBE. One thought I had for a skin like this would be a brand {{champion:63}} skin, where he has a lab coat and saftey goggles on and is holding chemicals that set on fire. for his q he could throw a flask with chemicals in out in a line, and his other abilities could be adapted as well. If this skin is not a reward for people who tested on PBE, I think it would be a good idea anyway, and I would definitely buy it. I mainly created this post to tell people about my idea, and see what they think in the poll.
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