‘Ascension’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.

Hello Summoners! ^o^ We have enabled Ascension for testing on PBE! --- **Updates**: 1. We have updated the textures on Crystal Scar! (Middle platform is now 10% more Shurima! :P) 2. We have updated some items like the Relics you capture on Ascension --- **Known Bugs**: ~~1. On low and very low settings, the ground textures become corrupted -- We are working on this!~~ This is fixed! ~~2. Under some circumstances, Xerath may become unkillable :( We are working on this! If you find a specific repro for this, please comment on this thread!~~ This should also be fixed! --- If you have any other bugs or feedback to report, feel free to post them here! {{champion:268}} May the glory of Shurima be preserved! {{champion:268}}
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