[Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion

Hey guys! So with today's PBE release you might notice moderate changes on a handful of Assassins; this is the place to talk about them! Below you'll find our list of Mini Updates, along with some key changes that we'd like to highlight. Jump into a game and try them out! {{champion:84}} **Akali ** * You now dash before dropping your Twilight Shroud (W). Also Pink Wards no longer reveal you * Twin Disciplines (Passive) has been reworked into a more interactive pattern {{champion:245}} **Ekko** * Increased effectiveness for building AP and making riskier plays * Chronobreaking (R) through Parallel Convergence (W) will activate the stun and shield {{champion:105}} **Fizz** * Fizz's Chum the Waters (R) now summons different sized Sharks based upon how far his fish flies before activating * Seastone Trident (W) has been reworked into providing a bigger payout when timed effectively {{champion:121}} **Kha'Zix** * Created unique strengths for each Evolution and balanced their power * Void Spike (W) provides more Crowd Control * Void Assault (R) provides more Map Mobility {{champion:35}} **Shaco** * Early game abuse reduced, tricks increased while providing more playmaking and teamfighting options in the late game * Backstab (Passive) has a cooldown, but provides a greater effect * Shaco's Deceive (Q) duration starts small and scales with rank * Shaco can place Jack in the Boxes (W) while Invisible, briefly revealing him {{champion:29}} **Twitch** * Ambush (Q) now provides Camouflage and a massive Movement Speed bonus when stalking enemy champions * Venom Cask (W) now lingers, creating a zone of control and adding Deadly Venom Stacks (Passive) over time {{champion:238}} **Zed** * Zed's Living Shadow (W) no longer has a passive that grants him bonus Attack Damage * The strongest victim of Zed's Death Mark (R) permanently grants him a % of their Attack Damage Please post any questions or feedback you have around these Champions on the PBE in this thread. Happy hunting! -Shrieve
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