Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing

Hey friends! We’re going to be changing up some elements of how Rune pages work shortly after they arrive back on PBE. We’ll be looking at how players use the pages they have, and what tensions different numbers of pages put on champion select for different queues, selection orders, etc. Some of the exploration will be to limit PBE accounts to the states most players experience on live. To do this, we’ll be running some experiments on the number of unlocked pages each user has and making some changes that help mimic the average player experience. PBE isn’t a perfect representation of the Live experience. Players have infinite RP and IP to purchase the maximum amount of rune pages, and are generally playing to test rather than playing to win, so there’s less pressure to optimize choices. However, it is one of the few windows we have to experiment with these sorts of dials, and your feedback will be invaluable to helping us make sure we’re building a great experience on Live. We’ll likely be moving through different tunings rather quickly, and apologies in advance if there’s some confusing changes or frustration. Estimated Timeline for PBE changes: ~10/11 - Around this time, we’ll restrict the number of editable pages to just 2 (preset pages do not and will never count towards this number) in order to mimic the common player experience on live. This is irrespective of how many pages you own. We’ll be surveying and monitoring sentiment. ~10/13 - As long as we get enough days on PBE with the 2 page iteration, we’ll be moving forward with a 3 page iteration to see the effects of increased pages on either Friday, October 13th or Monday, October 16th. On 10/19, we’ll be turning off Preseason changes again to ship 7.21. ~10/24 - This will be the final cycle of Preseason change will on PBE. Tune pages will no longer be restricted and your editable pages will reflect the amount of pages you own. Some time during this cycle we’ll add 15 seconds to the finalization phase (this is after champion selection and when the client says “choose your loadout”) on every queue.
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