Elixir of Agility-Green Pot

Back in the time when I started to play(season 1) LoL was one of the most unbalanced games ever but then in Preseason 3 this almighty item was removed.{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} I've always asked myself why not bring Green Pot back ? I mean we have {{item:3078}} wich is made of a "Fortitude"{{item:3044}} item (Attack damage and HP) an "Brilliance"{{item:3057}}(Ap) item and a "Agility"{{item:3086}} item(attack speed and critical chance), so why cant we have a trinity of Elixir's? I know attack speed and critical are kind of hard to balance but I think it was a good item and with a bit of work in the numbers it can be a great item. Also sorry if i posted on the wrong topic i thought it was the topic in which this post would fit in better.
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