(UPDATED 1/18/2016) Listening to the [Podcast](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/community-spotlight/league-community-podcast-ep-5) for Shen, the following are the goals of Shen's update: * As far as tanks go, he's not meant to function like others. His goal is to block or avoid most incoming damage via his shield or his W active, rather than completely mitigating it through Armor or Magic Resistance. * Shen's Spirit Blade is supposed to be a long term "protective entity". Allies should see his spirit blade and know that they can be safe near it. * The Spirit Blade is intended to be of equal importance to other entities such as Orianna's Ball or Zed's Shadows. * The blade only being pulled to your current location, and not going further, is intentional. * Shen should feel the most dexterous among tanks. Reliant more upon activation of his defensive abilities at key moments than simply existing. * You're going to fail sometimes, but you should be able to look at your failure and say "I messed that up, I should have done X thing differently". So with that in mind, we can more accurately construct our feedback. ---- Starting with the obvious, Shen's not as tanky as other tanks. I feel like Shen has the potential to fill the the space that was discussed in the podcast of a tank that dodges most of the attacks made against him (through his passive, or his w active). That being said, his shield is rather... unimpressive. This is a fine line to walk with the cooldown being so potentially short, but the shield doesn't feel like it does much in practice. It will absorb maybe one attack fairly solidly, but if you're on the defensive, you have little to no way to defend yourself (particularly in lane, against ranged opponents). Because of this, Shen must always be on the offensive to maximize his defensive ability, combined with the delay between casting an ability and the shield being granted, you can't effectively "dodge" some of the faster skills in the game, and you end up being shielded afterwards, not achieving anything. --- Not on the list, but Shen's item choices do not feel very significant throughout the game. Due to his inherently squishy nature, attributed to the health scaling on his shield, building any sort of offense that does not involve at least health is a poor choice. This limits our offensive options to Dead Man's Plate, Titanic Hydra (which synergies well with him right now, but building the item is murder in lane), and Sunfire Cape, as building anything else against a fighter in lane will get us rocked. Combined with the fact that we have no way to naturally sustain after a trade (which is both good and bad), when you fall behind as Shen, you stay there. His AP itemization is worse than his tanky choices, with only two serious AP items (RoA, inefficient, and Ryali's, wasted passive) that provide any meaningful health putting him at a disadvantage to others. Despite the AP scalings on his abilities, he has no easy access to such items and still preform his desired role (which isn't anyone's fault, the items just don't exist), and as such the AP scalings are ignored in favor of AD items with health. Overall your item choices feel extremely narrow if you want to gain both offensive and defensive power as Shen, and it often takes multiple O/D items to make his combat effectively threatening. I hope I articulated this well, but It's more of an issue with the current items we have simply not fitting in with his needs than anything else. --- I don't know about anyone else, but it feels like the Spirit Blade is largely ignored by both sides. By the time you're using your W in a group setting (from top/jungle perspective, support is a bit different), the pitiful duration and lengthy cooldown combined make it extremely unreliable to try standing next to the blade. Compounded with the fact that the blade moves every 3 seconds via Q, you can put yourself out of position fairly heavily as a mage or marksman counting on this skill to defend you when you need it from basic attacks (and NOT on-hit effects, holy crap this pisses me off.). Because it only defends from a small array of damage sources, it's not reliable enough to count on in a fight. I understand that the reliability of the spell is intended to be low, but right now it seems too low. Suggestions: * Improve the scaling of W with rank. Getting a little bit off the cooldown with each rank, and only this, feels ruddy. Tune the duration with rank to give us a reason to consider leveling this ability please! E has the same issue, let the utility of the skill scale with it's rank, make it less oppressive in lane and more useful later, more often. The inhibition of an energy champion is supposed to be the Energy, not the cooldowns. * Have Shen's passive, Ki Barrier, be applied to all allies near the spirit blade when it's triggered. This is a powerful effect, but it gives people a reason to stand next to the Spirit Blade more than his W active does at the moment. --- The Blade Pull. It's a really cool mechanic, and it can really convey the skill of the player, but for the effort required to hit this skill repeatedly, or against multiple champions, the reward is awful. All you get for pulling your sword through an enemy champion is (at max rank) +6% max hp magic damage total, and a weak, conditional slow. If you manage to pull it through multiple enemies? No added benefit, they still get the weak slow, but no further attack modifier. Others have expressed their dissatisfaction with the skill, so I hope that's gotten through, and I won't "beat the dead horse" further than this. Suggestions for this effect are difficult, as I know that the blade stopping at your location was central to the ability, suggestions cannot include having it travel further. What I suggest: * When pulling the blade through someone, have it steal a percentage of their movement speed, and double the effect if they're running away from you. Something like 10-20%, scaling with rank, would be a powerful effect, especially when you strike multiple enemies with the ability. In addition to this, have the extra damage with each strike scale similarly, letting Shen gain up to 10% additional max hp magic damage with each attack for striking all 5 opponents with a blade pull. For how difficult this is to pull off, I doubt Shen will ever hit more than 2-3 people regularly, but it will sufficiently reward that action if you time it well. * In addition to the previous, remove the bonus attack speed you gain with hitting a champion, Shen should hit with at the same interval regardless of weather or not he hits a champion, he does not get excited, nor does he let a surge of energy overcome him. In place of this effect, have the extra damage dealt by the ability heal Shen. Adding a new layer of complexity to the character. Do you strike the tankier champion to receive more health back, or do you strike the squishier assassin/carry to kill them more quickly? Only have this apply to the extra damage you gain from pulling the blade through an enemy champion. --- Hopefully this was helpful, I do feel that these changes fall in line with your desires for Shen as a champion. I look forward to what he becomes!
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