Ezreal Skin Re-vamp Ideas

**Dear Summoners,** I have noticed that Ezreal has a lot of skins already, three or more that are in the vault. The skins he has available at the moment are **750RP** each which only change his visuals, and **only one**, his ultimate that has new particle effects and few extras. I was thinking of using let's say one of the skins that are already out ( or create a new one) but upgrade it so it has additional particle effects. As I'm a devoted ezreal player since season 3, I felt like he is missing out on a variety of particle effects, that can be easily implemented by just a simple colour change, of course the new or re-vamped skin will have a higher price than original. Or is all this because he already has an ultimate skin already therefore if people would want new particles, would be forced to buy the ultimate skin? Just sharing my opinion, thanks for taking time to read my discussion.{{champion:81}}
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