I don't get it, why? The Devourer change is really bad, what used to be easily 100+ magic damage per hit is no being limited to 60 and has no benefit for most of it's current users such as Skarner and Shyvana, I also use it on Elise. However to top it all off, 10 base damage off of Shyvanas W, why? She's not even that strong, She still has the same easily punishable weaknesses, she's still in the bottom half of fighters in terms of damage. Is this just a "we're nerfing Shyvana so that we can say we nerfed her" I see a lot of dumb changes go up on PBE, usually nerfing OP champions by not addressing what makes them OP or taking an underplayed weak champion and nerfing them and calling it a buff, however this change is beyond all that, it's small yes, but it's hitting a champion who isn't even doing that great in the spot that matters most. Why not just undo the change to E from before if you think she has too much damage?
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