Feedback about Death's Dance, Graves, etc.

1. Ok, to start this out, Deaths Dance is insanely strong for a couple of reasons. Not only the fact that you can life steal on abilities that don't proc life steal (Udyr's Tiger Dot, Urgot Q, etc), but also the fact that you can life steal off of towers. I'm fine with life stealing off of abilities (something I've been wanting for a long time), but the fact that late game ADCs can just ignore people and take towers and nexus while life stealing seems problematic. The reason I say they can ignore people is because of the other unique passive which turns 20% of ALL damage (except maybe true) into a dot over 5 seconds. I like the idea of the main design of the item (life steal off of all physical damage, heal off of towers, damage reduction) but I feel like it should be brought down against certain things, such as the damage reduction against towers, and it should have a 6% heal towards towers. 2. Next I'm going to talk about the state of Graves. He feels like a melee burster at the moment with his spread out autos and insane base AD. (which is insane considering it's like 4 higher than Udyrs) I can't say he's insanely overpowered considering he has the range of Urgot, but his autos in their own right are strong when you put him on a split push mission. He feels like he's no longer bound to bot lane, considering the fact the he's heavily countered by a good amount of them. He seems to be strong top, mid, and jungle to an extent. He melts towers insanely fast (too fast?), his crits with IE are above the 400% of his AD when up close, he gets an insane amount of resistances with his E (Health anyone?), and his wave clear is better than every champ in the game (not even exaggerating). The only things holding Graves back to be a full on ADC is his range and his reload system. I love the direction Graves is going (shotgun pusher/close up fighter) and I'm not exactly sure if he needs any changes as of yet, it's too soon to tell. IMO, he's a better solo laner than a bot lane ADC. 3. Next up is Corki. I love the magic damage crit. I like the split damage E (like Skarner Q) with the split Armor MR shred. It's the first of it's kind. But The Package makes him feels more like a mid laner than an ADC because of it's style of use (Roaming to bot lane and knocking them back.) From what I've seen, Triforce doesn't interact with his passive, which is something that I think would make it even better on him (heck if you do that I wonder if there could be an interaction with the BORK passive and Runaans) Corki definitely can bot lane but his potential lies in mid lane IMO. Have you ever considered adding a hybrid pen item? Like either one that does 15% of each pen or an item that gives you flat pen. It would add something new for champs that would normally fall off late game because of their split damage. I'd imagine that if you did make items like those, they'd be insanely expensive (mainly because of Haunting Guise costs 1600 and Sirrated Dirk costs 1100 in total costing 2700, with the recipe cost easily going over 3000). 4. Lastly, this one I'm going to talk about red buff and ask a few questions about a few items and champs. Red buff has been hitting towers and I'm assuming it's intended. Honestly, I'm fine with that because ADCs will have something else to damage towers with or just adding a new threat to split pushing junglers with Golem buff. I honestly hope you keep that change, as it's a cool new idea that adds an early tower threat from junglers in the early game and even in the mid ad late game. Now for a few questions about items: -Why are you fine with Deadman's Plate being insanely strong (IMO) compared to other armor/health items? (Considering the fact that not only does it give more Health than both Sunfire, Randuins, and Ohmwrecker, more armor than Sunfire. but also the fact that it gives a passive that makes you faster AND does damage and a slow on first hit.) -Why flat out nerf Zhonyas Ability Power, Armor, and Cost, instead of nerfing the active? -Is there a possibility for a slight buff on Nasus Q? (105% AD Ratio for ult AD interaction?) -Are Syndra changes coming later on this patch, or next patch? -Why make Bloodthirster life steal stack again? -Any possibilty of making Sunfire stack with Cinderhulk? Or maybe making it stack in general? I know this happened a long time ago I just want answers lol. -Does Randuins reduce Ashe's damage now when it crits to double the slow? -Why nerf lifesteal/spellvamp to 2% from 2.5% in masteries? -Why not buff the AD/AP per level in masteries? -Why not flat AD/AP in masteries anymore? -Why is Miss Fortune's AD lower than other ADCs at the moment? -Speaking of MF, why remove the old W passive? -What is the purpose of increasing Icebourne slow zone with more armor? -Why give Mercurial Scimitar life steal? -Lastly, any other intentions of adding other items with a damage reducing passive like Death's Dance? A response from a Rioter would be greatly appreciated. Also, I posted about not being able to get runes on PBE due to getting rune starter packs stacking more of the same kind of runes.
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