Been waiting to try out his new kit, I played a ton of old skarner and was excited about new skarner so I will just write what I noticed immediately. -The mark that persists on enemies after hitting them with your E doesn't do anything. It contradicts with what we understood skarner to previously do. I think it'd be best if it was removed, especially since it no longer serves a purpose. That being said: -If you keep the mark it should be removed via AA to grant something like an immediate 3 stacks for his Q or something. If that does already happen, then the tooltips aren't updated and they should be. -Q feels awesome. The AS buff allows you very quick jungle clear provided you have mana for it. My only issue is that i see no reason to ever level up anything but Q first. Just kinda binary. Not a lot of room for moving away from that. -His ult doesn't seem to have the same range as what the indicator is showing. A couple times it felt like people were well in my range and my ult wasn't triggering. I stopped playing skarner at the beginning of S3 when you guys changed his ult, but the new(is it?) one doesn't feel any better. It actually feels like the range is shorter than it used to be. -His kit feels much better with Damage than with old tanky build. The lack of a slow on Q means it is much harder to stick to targets. His kit just seems contradictory to his role now. I don't know. Playing him feels weird. Not "new and unknown" weird but, not synergizing weird.
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