Attention: pbe players who destroy others game

riot wants that delete some accounts to let better players right? ex: (name removed) this player is not a tester just play normal games without communcation +feeding. you can check his history. someone in team says: it is just pbe why serious? 'it is just pbe' maybe I'm more careful about this game, so can we ruin the game when we getting bored? guys will say that 'so report him why you write here' and everyone knows that most of reports are useless maybe unless afk. I suggest some attention about it. everyone wants play with better ones. it is not about playing qualities it is about respect to others. I never report or flame 'novice players' even we have to help them to learn it. anyway I will play it and try to give feedback maybe with those players. sorry for bad english(i think you understood what i mean)
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