Center of the Universe' Execute is obsolete

At first I thought it must mean "If a minion would survive on less than 25 health, it is executed.", or, similar to Relic Shield with its unmentioned AD ratio, that maybe the execution threshold included the normal damage (so it executes minions below 25 + 29 health) - but I had minions continually survive on less than 25 health while testing, so neither of those scenarios are true. I had enough AP from level 1 that I was doing 29 damage per boop and minions have 0 MR, meaning I'm dealing 29 damage per boop. Thus, minions were never reaching the threshold to execute. If a minion survived on 24 health, it was going to die to 29 damage anyway. The mention of it in the tooltip becomes redundant the moment you reach level 3, have 28 AP or take his W... Unless I'm missing some crazy nuance or...?

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