Kill XP Changes on PBE

Howdy everybody, Riot Colin here to give you guys some information/context about some exp changes that are currently live on PBE. We are seeing certain characters (usually supports or junglers) fall significantly behind their team in XP, even when they are playing well. They are still providing value to their team in team-fights and through utility, but these actions are frequently not rewarding enough to pull them back into the game. (Their kill XP is frequently divided across many people.) We want to increase the amount of XP they receive through rewards for kills they facilitate. We also are going to be keeping an eye on future changes for other sources of EXP that these players help earn, like Baron, Dragon and Turret kills. The changes listed below address this problem by adding additional XP on champion takedowns specifically for players who significantly lag behind their team. We also are slightly tuning up the “underdog” bonus on kill XP - the bonus from scoring a takedown on champions who are higher level than you. Essentially, if you outplay someone who is more powerful than you are, you should receive some amount of increased reward for your action. **Changes** **Teamwork Bonus:** Bonus XP has been added on champion takedown (kill or assist) for players who are behind their team in level. The amount of bonus XP scales with how far behind your team you are. * The bonus starts kicking in when you are just over one full level behind. * By two full levels’ difference, you get an additional ~25% of your share of the base kill experience. The bonus reaches its max value when you are 4 levels behind your team’s average, giving an additional 60% of your share of the base kill experience. * We put a limit of 60% on the maximum size of the bonus to prevent extreme slingshotting **Underdog Bonus:** XP bonus for takedowns (kill or assist) on champions higher level than you has been increased. Expect around 10% extra XP if you are 4 levels behind your opponent.
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