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*Edit: Team Builder has been turned off for now, but thank you for an incredible weekend and please keep your comments and questions coming!* *Update (10/27): Today, we have enabled all role selections, so you can test more creative team compositions! * Greetings PBE Community! I’m VonBurgermeister, User Experience Designer at Riot Games. Much of what I do is design for feeling and, admittedly, I’m feeling pretty excited about Team Builder. We want Team Builder to feel empowering, intuitive, fluid, and nice to use repeatedly. We also want to avoid unnecessary instruction (because a good design really shouldn't need it). But we recognize that despite all our iteration, player testing, and care, there may be gaps. I’m particularly interested in the "what the hell just happened?" moments, those spots where feedback or information may be needed. Or course, I’m also interested in how Team Builder feels overall. A couple of possible paths you could take (screenshots below): * As a captain, you could create a group with an unusual comp * As a solo player, you might accept a group, then decide you want to find another If you leave feedback, you might want to consider these questions in your post: * What were you trying to do? * How did other players act? * Anything not make sense? * Anything behave differently than you expected? * Were you missing any information you needed or expected to see? * Did things respond quickly? * How fast does the whole process feel? * See anything else worth mentioning? Thank you in advance, Summoners!
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