Rageblade on Kog'Maw

{{champion:96}}+{{item:3124}}+{{item:3153}}+{{item:1416}} +a little more AS = **7.5 on-hit procs per second**. Now, I love little {{champion:96}} even more than I love {{item:3124}}, but this feels like the definition of _broken_ to me: You get **3%** max HP phys damage from {{item:1416}} , **~3%** max HP maj damage from **W**, **6**% current HP phys damage from {{item:3153}}, which is effectively **3%** max HP damage. This gives you **~9%**max HP mixed damage on each hit. This would be fine, if that didn't mean you did _**~67.5%**_ of the enemy's max HP in mixed damage _per second_. I'm not saying to completely ruin the item for ALL ranged champions again, but I'd be OK with either every 3rd hit, or a {{champion:96}} specific change, or SOMETHING. Again, don't get me wrong. This change is amazing for all on-hit champions, especially junglers and ranged champions. Suddenly, {{champion:203}} is good again! It just feels like the longer stack buildup doesn't matter much, especially to {{champion:96}}, who is effectively a melee champion for things like that, with his double AS. It just feels... _dirty_. Also, praise our lord and savior AD {{champion:90}}! Now if only his voidlings applied on-hit effects...

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