I've come across 3 concerns with Sejuani's new update that seem to be quite counter-intuitive, but they are already posted somewhere else. Here's mine; Sejuan's W. It seems to create a movement glitch when it's casted, making it hard to land. I'll be autoing a monster in the jungle, and using my W makes me move forward and often miss the W. Not that big of a deal then, but in fights I feel cheated because it suddenly makes me move forward or sideways when I'm autoing someone. Without my W, I lose on a stack of my stun, and it's hard to land autos as a frontline anyways, so that means I can't use my passive or my E damage or stun on the champ. So because of that weird movement glitch, I've lost the damage from my W, E (stun too), and my passive.
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