Soraka Rework Feedback

passive, very interesting, i like the mov speed she gets, and the buff to her heals is nice. Q: i like it as it is. W: it have 2 big, BIG problems, the first one is that the heal is not instant, it takes like 0.5 - 0.75 seconds to reach the wounded target, that is enough time to the target to die even after we pointed him to be healed. The second one is the 10% max health cost, its an spammable ability (1.5 seconds with 25% cdr) so you will kill yourself trying to heal your team. E: the area is too small, even bots just walk away before getting rooted, EVEN after being slowed by starcall, is just frustrating. R: its ok, but needs lower cooldowns at 2 and 3 level. General: she needs another source of damage, i dont know why they make a rework of a champ with a single damaging skill, having real problems with one that does the same thing (zilean) and that will be reworked soon. My suggestions: Passive: keep it. Q: keep it W: fix that annoying animation to make the heal instant, and one of three, reduce the heal tax to 5% max health, make it 10% "current" health, or let soraka heal herself with this skill, maybe without her passive bonus. E: add something like tresh empowered attack, its frustrating to have only one thing that really do damage, and if youre support, not being able to kill something below 5% health and ending dying against that opponent for that lack of damage is one of the worst feelings in the game, and make the area grow bigger with each level, not too much, but enough to ensure you really need to spend something like flash or a dash or a mov speed buff to not get rooted at max level, if she lands it properly. R: lower the cds at second and third levels.
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