New Karma W (and E), why I think it takes away a fun gameplay element and my solution.

**TL;DR read my solution at the end** Karma lover since I started playing League. I fell in love with her ability to be a jack-of-all-trades with her different mantras and the intense duels/fights she would end up in with her Mantra W + shield into Q (trying to dodge incoming damage to set up for the finishing Q when the root + burst heal kicked in). _Note: These changes are/could be (depending on numbers) great for support Karma, but I'll go into that at the end_ My fears got confirmed from testing out the changes, these two things are essentially gone now. There's absolutely no point in ulting your W when in close duels/skirmishes as the healing is so focused around someone constantly dealing damage to the target. The prime point of enjoyment when playing Karma is when you dodge around while almost at the brink of death. Quick rundown when fighting at low health: 1. Q for some damage 2. Mantra W (initial heal) + E to stay in range of target while mitigating damage 3. Root applied, burst heal gained, easy Q target If you didn't avoid enough skillshots, you'll die. If the root is applied, you have won and you feel absolutely amazing! When at high HP you'd simply do the W+E combo to set up for the Mantra Q instead for the increased damage when surviving isn't a major concern. A good Karma would poke from a somewhat safe distance before a teamfight and when it starts, she would stay dangerously close on the edge of the teamfight to get that root. Always living on the edge was what made solo-lane Karma such a fun pick, but the duel/skirmish part of that is essentially gone now. If these changes go through I'd stop playing mage Karma, it just wouldn't appeal to me anymore. _Support Karma, a bit on the Mantra E and my suggested change to the W!_ An ability that lets your carry heal themselves? Sounds pretty sweet. It really does! I could definitely see those changes being fun to use on support Karma as you should never really have to use the Mantra'd W in that position anyways. There really isn't much to say there, it sounds really fun. Small point on the Mantra E though: The damage from the shield is a really unique and underrated ability. The whole thing about both shielding your carry and damaging the attacker feels great as a support and can be used for some sweet clutch plays. I don't have a good solution to that, but just keep it in mind. _My solution to the Mantra W_ Both the old and new version are great in their own ways, so why not keep both? Letting support Karma get the new version for herself as well isn't really what you (Riot) were going for anyways, the main point of it is to heal your teammates, no? So why not let Karma get healed in the classic way (with the two burst heals) while teammates get the heal from the new version? Oh, and don't remove the bonus damage. If it will be used instead of the Mantra Q, it needs some damage. Instead, remove the damage amplification perhaps? >**Focused Resolve** (balancing needed of course, so no actual numbers) (normal unchanged) **Mantra Bonus - Renewal:** Karma deals N bonus damage and gets healed for N% of her missing health upon casting. If damage is dealt to the target by another allied champion, that ally is healed for n% of the damage they dealt as well. >If the tether is not broken after the 2 seconds, Karma is once again healed for N% of her missing health.
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