Ekko: Possible abilities leaked (Thoughts and discussion)

Recently this picture started showing up in the public chat. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CEv-3HkUMAEBRQE.jpg It's a couple frames from the *Seconds* video along with a strange symbol in the back overlayed by what look like Ekko's abilities. However, I don't think these are what his abilities are. --- http://i59.tinypic.com/289g19t.jpg First off we have his Q called **Energy Acceleration**. >Energy Acceleration. Costs: 40 mana. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Ekko shoots pure modified energy dealing 285 (+X% Attack Damage) physical damage to the first enemy champion hit and the applying the **Tribunal of the Masters debuff** . >Ekko can then re-cast to switch locations enemy champions with the **Tribunal of the Masters debuff**. There are a few reasons I do not think this is what his ability will be. 1. The other spells have a "You have not yet learned this spell!" message. We can likely conclude that the player is only level 1 and has just one point in the ability. 285 base damage for a level 1 ability is absurd, along with a 5 second CD. Also, from the way this is phrased it looks like a skillshot. So a skillshot on a 5 second cooldown that does 285 base damage at level 1. You can easily shove your opponent out of lane with 2 of these hit. Plus, it also ignores minions. This is the definition of OP. 2. There are several grammar errors in this ability alone, I personally believe Riot passed 10th grade. 3. It says he can switch places with multiple enemy champions, yet he has no way to duplicate himself. ---- http://i60.tinypic.com/2u7bllx.jpg Next his W, **Entropy**. >Entropy. Costs: 90 mana. Cooldown: 11.2 seconds per charge (Max 2). Ekko throws a untargetable black hole that lasts for 3 seconds. All units and projectiles that come in contact with the black hole are sucked up for 1.5 seconds. >For every unit or projectile in the black hole, Ekko's armor and magic resistance is increased for 10 seconds. Reasons why I don't think this is a real ability: 1. This has nothing to do with Ekko's theme of time travel. 2. An ability that strong could easily be an ult, but he can store two charges of it? 3. Grammar errors! ---- http://i60.tinypic.com/4so9rt.jpg Now his E, **Interstellar Transportation** >Interstellar Transportation. Costs: 90 mana. Cooldown: 12.3 seconds. Ekko instantly travels to a target location and enhances his sword to cleave enemies for (X% Attack Damage) bonus physical damage and applies the **Tribunal of the Master debuff**. Reasons I don't think this is a real ability: 1. Again, this is more of a space theme than time travel. 2. Applies the debuff, but it doesn't do anything unless he uses Q which also applies the debuff. --- http://i57.tinypic.com/256bwyd.jpg Finally his ult, **Wrath of the Chronicle**. >Wrath of the Chronicle. Costs: 100 mana. Cooldown: 155 seconds. Ekko channels for 2 seconds to summon a disruption in space-time. >The Disruption lasts for 6 seconds and Ekko is able to direct the disruption towards the mouse cursor. Allies and Enemies that come in contact with the disruption are sent back in time 7 seconds. >Health, Mana, Cooldowns and placement on the map are affected by the disruption. Reasons I don't think this is a real ability: 1. It's beyond over powered when combed with certain champions. Do you want Karthus to ult you twice? 2. It's beyond Bard level of troll. Your friend gets a penta? No he didn't. 3. This goes against what Riot has said before about other people basically having control of your champion. ---- Finally, I think these ability cooldowns were taken from Vel'Koz as he is one of a few champs that use a charge feature and the cooldowns are really similar. Plus where is his passive? --- EDIT: A red post over on the NA boards has revealed this to be fake. > [{quoted}](name=Riot ShadowStorm,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=VELolYKj,comment-id=000100000000000000000002,timestamp=2015-05-11T06:06:29.440+0000) > > Just a heads up, these abilities are completely fake; you'll have to wait until the full reveal to learn exactly what he does. But until then... speculate away! =)
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