Okay maybe this is just me but I've been finding that while some of the updated ADC's are balanced to a degree others are a little out of hand such as: Kog'Maw While Kog'Maw is quite a squishy champ with minimal escapes I really do see that the attack speed is a little insane. Your attack speed with even just the BOTRK is quite crazy and cant kill almost any champion very quickly. And the next one I do think is the main problem I have with the update is the Graves change. His damage with even just aa's is pretty hefty while yes I understand this is how adc's work it is just a bit more then I think is needed. But really my problem for him arises from his new q ad scaling, it does way too much damage to the fact that with one item it halves your health with one full cast. Otherwise the reload does balanced him up a little but still like I said I think needs a little nerfing. While making this comments just a quick this on Quinn I think what she got was deserved and will really help with her amount of play time but the q damage can use a bit of help considering the ad scaling is a bit ridiculous now. {{champion:21}} {{champion:51}} and {{champion:42}} to me seem to have a good change that while can be very strong does take a lot of proper play.
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