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Hi PBErs, Please post any {{champion:161}} relevant discussions here! I'll be frequently monitor the thread and try to respond when applicable. We want Vel'koz to come out of this as a uniquely target agnostic mage who is happy to shred through tanks and squishes alike - but gated by his reliance on hitting multiple spells and the fact he is quite vulnerable himself and needs to channel his ultimate. We also want more aggressive Vel'koz laning with Q max rather than W spam (thought W spam is okay if you are getting mercilessly shoved in or otherwise cannot interact with the opponent). We are happy to support both Mid and Support playstyles, but the focus is primarily on Mid. This is a fairly light set of changes, but we're pretty confident it will open up a unique space for Vel'koz in team compositions, especially allowing him to succeed in games against extremely tanky opponents where other mages would not. **And as a reminder, please post bugs in the [Bug Mega Thread](!** **Full current changelist:** **P: Organic Deconstruction** * Basic Spell’s (QWE) Deconstruct units on hit (7s). R no longer applies Deconstruction. 3rd spell hit consumes the Deconstruction, dealing (25 + 8*Lvl +40% AP) bonus true damage. **Q - Plasma Fission** * Refunds 50% of it’s Mana cost if it kills a unit * Target Indicator now only displays for Vel’koz **W - Void Rift** * AP Ratios reduced: 25%/37.5% >>> 15%/25% **E - Tectonic Disruption** * AP Ratio reduced: 50% >>> 30% **R - Lifeform Disintegration Ray** * Passive: 3 Hit proccing Deconstruction on Champions become Researched for the next 7s. * R Deals True Damage vs Researched units instead of Magic. * R No longer applies stacks of Organic Deconstruction * Damage: 500 / 700 / 900 + 60% AP >>> 500 / 725 / 950 + 100% AP * Cooldown: 130 / 110 / 90 >>> 120 / 100 / 80 Best, Beluga Whale
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