MYMU: Karthus. The Best Buff(QoL) He can Receive Without adding more Damage.

As Someone who Uses Karthus since S2, I know exactly that he can be Incredible strong when a team plays around you, like a "JuggerMaw", but at the same time no one can negate that Karthus Is in a Bad Spot since 1 or 2 entire seasons, not cause he is just bad, but mostly because the META, and the New Assets to the Game....{{champion:223}} {{champion:203}} {{item:3053}} etc....not to mention the Wall Nerf and the Boots of swiftness{{item:3009}} .... Considering new champs and Rework which mostly possess more raw power and new powerful utility effects added to them which indeed in some cases are straight buffs, like the New Xerath minirework, which allow him to use 2 extra shot on his ultimate, It is Obvious that Karthus, which arguably share the same spot as Xerath{{champion:101}} (in terms of that is a Mage and goes mid, theyre different classes afterall), is quite weak in comparison. So I think this QoL Buff will help Karthus Adding more power, but at the same time not adding more damage to him, instead would relocate all the power he had to be more useful to the team. **QOL EXTRA R Passive: For Every Hit of requiem which Fails (cause he use 5 hits per champ per ult.) Karthus Recover 10 Seconds PER FAILED HIT Or Blocked/Parried/no damage, This means that Karthus can Fail 1 hit to any champ for any reason (Zhonya,Taric,Tahm,Kayle,Elise, etc ), and recover some CD. ** This could sound OP, but it isnt, Is a fair mechanic, which for example, garen (different case, but it possess something like this), jhin and cait have too, so it would be Fair too allowing Karthus to Have these refund mechanics, Not to mention that also Xerath Possess it too... This means, For EXAMPLE: -You have a Varus and 4 mages on enemy team, -you uses ult, and the 4 mages activate zhonya. -then you fail 4 hits and land 1 -In this case, with the new change your 200 CD ultimate regain a 40 seconds refund, since 4 of your 5 objetives avoided the ultimate damage on some way. Then your 200 secs regain a refund of 40 seconds (10CDx4enemies not reached by requiem=10x4=40) 200 secs CD ultimate - 40 secs Refund = 160 secs CD at R lvl 1 **Then this Buff scales down with every point on Requiem....** Requiem lvl 1: 10 seconds refund. Requiem lvl 2: 9 seconds refund. Requiem lvl 3: 8 seconds refund. This is because The ultimate reduced its own Base CD with every rank, so this change would allow the new QoL to not be massively strong, but neither weak. ** Before claiming this is OP and unneeded consider this:** Karthus ultimate Have a 3 seconds Delay, and can be blocked, or just be stopped before the channeling ends... Then you will say, "but it hits an entire TEAM"... Yes...but consider that **Karthus usually dont want to hit an entire team, He wants to kill only a champ in particular with low HP....** This is the reason why I compare this skill with cait,xerath and Jhin ultimate. The 3 can get refunds on some cases, and the 3 can focus on only one target and deal their maximum damage to it, even quicker than Karthus can...and even when Requiem is global, those 3 Have a big range, so it is a good comparison afteall... **This change have a second QoL buff on it:** -If ,for example, there is only one Karthus and one enemy on the map, the same Case will be applied and Karthus will get the 10x4 refund, since the other 4 objetives for requiem doesnt exist. -Then, again, on the case of enemies which are dead, or die before or when the channel starts but theyre not reached, the Refund will still be applied, since karthus didnt get the damage to be applied. -So, the refund mostly will be applied everytime Karthus Activate R and the enemies dont get Damage for some reason. -Also, the refund would be applied everytime his ultimate is interrupted. This is because the ultimate have a channeling time, and again, it is a buff afterall, which rewards teamplay and the correct use of map awareness. ** This is also contemplated as a Buff on TT and Hexakill:** -On TT Requiem will still be balanced around 5 players, so Requiem will have always 20 seconds less on the CD... -On Hexakill, Requiem will be allowed to obtain extra 10 CD refund cause there will be an extra champion to be objetive of the skill. **Then I must also Clarify that the Refund will be granted mostly when Requiem doesnt do damage.** If for example, kindred ult protects and entire team and the skill prevent all the killing damage, the refund will be applied BUT if the enemies had more HP than the kindred ultimate is supposed to stop, Then If karthus ultimate Lands and does Damage inside kindred ultimate, The Refund Wont be Applied since the Damage was applied correctly. This means that preventing damage skills, as Tryndamere ultimate, or Kayle/Taric ultimate will trigger the refund too, since they will prevent requiem of doing damage. Fiora´s W too... That would be the major QoL to him. I could add some sort of extra buff around it, which would be: **If Requiem is prevented to deal the finishing blow by some sort of Shielding, passive, or healing, Karthus get a refund of 5 seconds per prevented requiem.** This means that if you gonna kill someone, the calculation indicates that, like cho R or zed R works, But when requiem lands or before, some sort of skill prevented the finishing blow to work (this starts to be calculated whenwhen the mark of requiem cast can be seen), like Lifeline, or Heal/Barrier, another champ interaction,etc, Karthus get a minimal refund for it. Of course this can be argued since youre mostly countering Karthus essence afterall, Karthus is the only one which have 2 major tools, his passive, and his R, All these changes allow Karthus to be a Team threat without adding more damage to him at all, This could sound really OP, but it only needs 1 item for karthus to be totally useless: Zhonya{{item:3157}} , or Malmortius{{item:3156}} .({{item:3053}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3105}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3026}} ) is more **wise** IMO to **balance him around his ultimate, than just increasing all his stats, his ratios, damage, and adding more massive power on all his kit**, when this change can become him powerful enough without making him totally invincible at all... He will still be weak on 1vs1, he still will be easily killable by assasins/tanks/Adcs/etc if he doesnt play good, and the ultimate still will be useless if it is not used correctly.
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