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_4/23 Evening Update before 4/25 PBE Build_ Hello all, The last few days, I've been thinking about the feedback here, and how we can get to a good release from where we are. The feedback has been pretty all over the place with Miasma in most cases, except for one facet that I have come to feel is worth addressing. It's great for spells to have situational strengths and weaknesses, and it's cool if some spells require more time and investment than others. Learning these things is what really lets you feel like you mastered your champion and really earned a win over your opponent. However, it's a problem when you feel like you know what you're trying to do, but doing it doesn't generate proper results due to bad controls. I still think some kind of dead zone on Miasma is the right call, but the restrictions feel far too severe to me. As a result, I'm opening up the targeting of the spell a bit to be a min/max distance rather than simply a fixed distance. The more I thought about it, the less I thought the current rigid restrictions were the right long term call for the usability of the champion. Aside from that change, there are some small other tweaks to W to increase the viscerality of its impact and make it deliver on its effects when you do land it on an opponent. Changes for next build: * **W - Miasma** * Maximum Range increased 750 >>> 800 * Minimum Range reduced 750 >>> 550 * Effectively, there's now a 250 unit band in which you can cast W * Slow now decays * Slow increased 35% all ranks >>> 40/50/60/70/80% I really do hope these changes put Miasma in a good, powerful, and learnable spot moving forward, and that Miasma being in a good spot will help to bring the whole kit together. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Cheers, Repertoir ___ _4/20 Evening Update before 4/21 PBE Build_ Hi everyone, I've spent a good part of the day reading the stuff you guys are saying here and thinking about what stuff to change and what stuff to leave alone. I'll use this edit here to explain patterns in the stuff I've been hearing, and what my current plan is moving forward. * **Feedback: Q feels sluggish, and as a result, Q > E feels sluggish** * Context: * One of the things I wanted to bring out in Cassiopeia is making her a mid-ranged, agile character. In the version of Cass currently on PBE, Cassiopeia's Q has a longer cast time, but less overall delay from when she casts it to when it lands. Additionally, she gets a bit more Movement Speed from Q, but for less duration. The idea here was to give her powerful casts that felt intentional, but then make her even quicker after the cast, resulting in a unique, fun cadence to her spellcasts. I didn't mention this change in the original change post because I wanted to see if testers could actually feel the change out on their own, with more to go on than just reading it as a nerf and being upset about it. It's pretty clear from what I've read here that those changes didn't have the effect I was going for, so I'm moving back to something much more familiar for tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that spoke up about something feeling off here. You helped inform this decision. * Change for next build: * Q cast time reduced 0.45 >>> 0.25 (Live values) * Detonation time following cast time increased 0 >>> 0.4 (Live values) * Q Movement Speed duration increased 2 >>> 3 * Q Movement Speed decays over the duration * Initial Q Movement Speed increased 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% >>> 30/35/40/45/50% * **Feedback: W range doesn't feel in sync with the rest of the kit** * Context: * Players reported that W's range feels like it's too long for what the rest of her kit is doing. I'm reducing its range slightly to see if lining it up with Q's range exactly feels better. * Change for next build: * W range reduced 800 >>> 750 * **Feedback: W doesn't feel impactful enough and is too hard to use** * Context: * This one is going to be a little more contentious most likely, but I'll at least let everyone know where I'm at with it. Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of player reaction saying that W being fixed distance makes the spell feel bad, clunky, worthless, etc. This is all valid feedback, and I'll be honest here and say that much of it is completely expected. This spell's fixed-distance nature is a downside that isn't shared with many other spells in the game. My experience in having players testing the spell internally (we have a full time team of high level playtesters) is that they initially react very similarly to how most of you have so far. That said, they get much better at the spell over the course of a few games as they learn to master its uses, between the fixed distance and the terrain interaction. This spell is meant to have a downside that is mostly in the opponent's favor (fixed distance), but the terrain interaction is supposed to actually be a tool that enables Cassiopeia to manipulate her surroundings and demonstrate her own mastery over the use of the spell. An important part of this equation is that Miasma needs to be a spell powerful enough to merit a player investing time into mastering, and I think it's possible it's not hitting that mark yet. So here's where I think that leaves us: I'm sticking with the fixed distance cast at least for now, and I'm slowly amping up the effect of the spell a bit (in addition to the above range sync), and I'll see where that leaves the spell feeling. For now, I'll be increasing the duration of the spell to increase its threat as a zoning tool, but things like cooldown, slow amount, and the like are on the table as well. * Planned change: * W ground duration increased 4 >>> 5 Thanks for all the feedback so far, Repertoir ___ Hello all, Here's a thread where we can talk about what's going on with Cassiopeia in the 6.9 changes. I'll get right into the main changes. Do keep in mind that there may be small details missing, but I wanted to keep the thread about the primary changes. That said, I'm happy to answer any more detailed questions you may have in the comments! * **Passive - Serpentine Grace** * Cassiopeia gains MS per level, but she cannot buy Boots items from the shop. * As of now, she has 328 base MS and gains 4 per level (including at level 1, so she starts the game at 332 MS without any other modifiers). * **Q - Noxious Blast** * Numbers retuned, but generally deals more damage than the Live version. * Now gives a bit more Movement Speed at later ranks when hitting champions, but for less duration. * **W - Miasma** * Cassiopeia fires an arc of poison in front of her, landing at their max range or first terrain hit, and leaving poisonous clouds where they land. These clouds: * Lightly damage enemies standing in them. * Moderately slow enemies standing in them. * Afflict Grounded (a new crowd control effect) on enemies standing in them. * Miasma's slow is now a fixed amount (currently 35%) at all ranks. * The Grounded debuff prevents enemies from using Movement abilities while in it. As a rule of thumb, if a root would prevent you from using an ability (or clickable like Bard E), then Grounded prevents it as well. * Miasma casts at a _FIXED DISTANCE_ (~800 range) from Cassiopeia; if the enemy has already closed on you, it's not going to do much unless you can position yourself near a wall to get a cloud or two to be placed there. * **E - Twin Fang** * Cooldown reduced to 0.9 seconds, and can go lower with CDR. * Damage paradigm is as follows: * Deals a small flat amount of damage based on Cassiopeia's level (think of it like AD or AD/lvl) plus a small AP ratio (~10%) * If the target is poisoned when Twin Fang hits, Twin Fang deals additional base damage based on Twin Fang's Rank plus a medium sized AP ratio (~35%). * Now heals Cassiopeia for a flat amount based on Twin Fang's spell rank plus a small AP ratio (~10%) only when damaging an enemy that is poisoned. * **R - Petrifying Gaze** * Should be identical to Live Petrifying Gaze * Edit: forgot we reduced the slow 60% > 40% here. Sorry about that. Feel free to speak up if you have questions. I'll check in and answer anything that was unclear in the coming hours/days. Cheers, Repertoir
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