'Battle Boosts' up for testing in Nemesis Draft on PBE

Heya guys, For our upcoming Featured Game Mode, *Nemesis Draft*, we're looking to re-activate '*Battle Boosts*' which saw their first outing back in One For All: Mirror Mode. For those of you who might not remember, Battle Boosts let you temporarily unlock all currently available skins for yourself and your allies. The purchaser of a Battle Boost will now also get a one game 200 IP boost, while the rest of the team receives a 100 IP boost. For testing purposes on the PBE, we've left the price at 1RP. **When Nemesis Draft goes live, Battle Boosts will be available for 125RP** (down from the original OFA:MM price of 150RP). Of course, on PBE, everyone has almost everything unlocked already, so the impact will certainly feel diluted, but we're looking to catch any bugs before we roll it out. Feedback welcome on both this version of Battle Boosts or other features you'd like to see added! EDIT: We found a bug (yay PBE)! Battle Boosts are switched off for now and I'll update as soon as we can turn them back on.
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