[6.13 Planned] Adjustments to Secondary Systems [Part 1 - Experience Changes]

We're making some experience changes in the 6.13 patch to address some of our concerns with how experience is rewarded. In certain cases - it's pushed too aggressively - while in others - these plays aren't being rewarded at all. * **Champion Kill XP Adjustments** * Champions are now worth less XP at levels 1 to 9 relative to live - this is more pronounced at early levels - 1 / 2 / 3. **Context**: In general, killing someone early in lane creates an XP advantage due to deprivation. We're adjusting early champion deaths to account for the fact that super early kills are mostly about their inability to soak a wave's worth of experience rather than having the two effects compound on top of each other. * **XP Rubberbanding Adjustments** * Currently, our experience rubberbanding kicks in **incredibly** hard at certain breakpoints. For example, for minions - you gain no rubberband EXP until you are 4 levels below the average of the enemy team. * We're making two major changes to our rubberband system: * XP difference is now calculated continuously - rather than by integers - The EXP system now considers that you can be 2.5 levels behind rather than 2, for example. * In general, rubberband bonuses will kick in earlier than they have previously - with reduced early coefficients. **Context:** Our XP rubberbanding system is currently tuned kind of oddly. It doesn't care about you at all until a certain point where it then kicks into hyperdrive. In addition, the use of integers rather than floats leads to this odd thing where - if the system does kick in - it's guaranteed to be kicking in much too hard for that context initially. These changes are intended to soften those curves to be more responsive to the actual state of the game. * **XP "Soak" Rules** * After dying, Champions are still considered eligible to 'soak' experience from enemy champion kills **even if they did not score an assist** on that target for a period of time - roughly 10 seconds for now. * They still aren't eligible for minion EXP while dead. * Note that this doesn't affect most tower dives - as you gained experience from a tower assisted kill even post death previously. **Context**: There's a disturbing trend where a supportive initiation or sacrificial play that leads to your team winning the fight tends to create a terrible cyclical case. You don't gain XP for not tagging everyone in the fight. The XP gets distributed to your team instead of you. You are now lower level than your team and even less likely to be alive to soak XP for the next fight - and on and on - until the XP difference gets so large that the aforementioned plays are no longer possible. This change is intended to address the fact that the XP system for teamfights needs to consider participation for a time rather than whether or not you managed to get an assist tag on everyone involved. * **Wards** * Wards are now worth 30 EXP when slain. * Blue Trinket Wards are worth 15 EXP when slain. **Context**: Ward Sweeping is an important activity but the disparity between sweeping vs. soaking experience from lanes is a bit too high at the moment. Successful sweeps should be rewarding and so we're introducing a bit of experience on wards. *(It's likely I should be more aggressive on this one - come to think of it.)*
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