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(Tldr: You can skip this rant portion and go to the Rammus head to show it is okay Or skim the things in bold) Also bumping this up would be nice... Reworks and tweaks have been going around for a while now and it is annoying. It seems they are ready to nerf a champ badly and rework them a month later with less then amazing results. They either bring us something good, bad or to too powerful. Middle ground here is always bad and such considered weak. Balance must be a chore that no one likes. So on that line, what about someone I like? A champion that is. {{champion:16}} Soraka? I gave up after her nerf. {{champion:40}} Janna? Not likely. {{champion:78}} Poppy? Less likely then Janna. I favor the unpopular, the unloved. Soraka, who gained such attention was beaten back down and crippled in power for gaining any recognition. Her low damage became nothing and her silenced adding to her mana costs. Those I love to play will suffer. I came to that conclusion long ago and only now feel the full affect. My lady of luminosity will dim, my plants will wither, my dog will be neutered, and Irelia shall be beaten once more to low tier. So to feel better I will write this, to make a voice to the champs I play. Give reason as to why this change and rework is positive and can be implemented to better the community. Why some things shouldn't be touched and why others must go. But most of all, to give myself a peace of mind and something to do since insomnia loves to toy with me. (Tldr: {{champion:33}} got the okay, rant is done.) What is a scout? What do they do? How do they relate to the army? Lore wise, I can only think of cute little Yordles doing boy scout activities. But, I am no fool. I can think of a darker undertone for said verbs. Rope work, skinning, trapping, intelligence gathering, herbalism, anatomy, and self defense. That is just the iceberg, what secrets and skills are hidden in a military branch that has it's roots entangled in the history of Yordle land? What secrets indeed, and what is more secretive then our chipper little scout Teemo. Captain Teemo {{champion:17}} who's lore hints something more then a scout. A assassin who's sole loyalty is Bandle City as a whole. Who is a odd one out among these happy social creatures. A loner who takes action and results for the sake of the greater good. How do we reflect this in Teemo's game play, while keeping his core elements in the mix. He can move quick, has poison that damages enemies and induce blindness, trap the surrounding areas for vision and can hide in ambush. Not so scout like in skill. This should be noted lore wise and personality wise. I remember a splash done for "Assassin Teemo", which pretty much sums up to what he is. To the point of his old lore out right stating him as " the unrepentant assassin of Bandle City." So here is how I think this rework should start. With his most defining feature. E: Toxic shot is a empty skill. A passive. Commonly being the first skill you max for that on hit damage and slow decay death of you enemy. Good for poke and being a Ap Adc. But it's just a passive you put points into for damage. This needs to be changed. R: Noxious Trap, Teemo's ultimate skill. After the nerfs to vision it was truly powerful. But for that reason it was nerfed in damage and doesn't stack up to ultimate status anymore. They are still very useful to set up vision in prime area's and lay in a defensive way. Offensively they are less then stellar level one. **My proposition? Fuse them both into one skill. Why? To set his poison in line to something resembling balanced and keeping what is important for a Teemo to have in skill. By making his Mushrooms a non ultimate skill, it is free to lose a lot of stats while making it balanced in play style. All the while giving his E an active along with a passive. But I want to as well change how they interact in game play. ** ***New E Passive: Toxicity.** Teemo applies a stacks of poison that deals on hit magic damage to enemies while causing them to take additional damage over 3(9 max) seconds. Maximum of 3 stacks per foe. The Ap ratio per hit could be 15-25-35% and it's base can be based of his attack damage. 15-30-45% ad per stack will allow Ad versatility to people who play Teemo as a adc or hybrid. His secondary passive, his dot damage will be taken down to .01% ability power and attack damage in true damage for each second of duration. This would weaken him as well as buffing him. The damage it gives is unimportant so it is very low (yet true so it will actually do damage rather then nothing), having the stacks on enemies be the most important thing to get. But why change his passive, well so it can interact with other skills. His active included. ***New E active: Fungicide.** Teemo places a mushroom trap on the ground, which stealth's and activates after a short time. These traps grant vision and damages enemies over time (3 sec) when activated. As well as slowing them over time over the damage duration. You can store up to 3 Mushrooms at a time. So far it is the same old Noxious Trap, but I said it will have interaction. The damage of these mushrooms will directly be affected by how many stacks of Toxicity poison is on his target. Along with that, they will have a hefty early game cool down like any trap should. The damage will be low, when used for vision but will be high when used in battle. The Base damage of his mushrooms gain no bonus for stacking poison. Only his Ap ratio will gain damage per stack to keep it balanced. Per level his damage will be 60-90-120-150-180 in total along with a 20% slow that increases by ten per level. But for each poison stack his Ap ratio increases, his traps base 15% Ap ratio increasing to 30-45-60% ability power at maxed poison stacks. But why keep his base damage low? Because lowering it's cool down is what important. His CD for his active will be 85-70-55-40-25. Early levels having such a resource makes ganking hard. We need counter play so having it act like a second Warding Trinket will make it hard for him to have any extra mushrooms out at once. These early traps will last only 1 minute and gain time based on the level of you E and when they are dropped. They will increase in time by one minute per level and last up to 5, self destructing when their time runs out. This will balance Teemo and his strong Vision. Since his Traps are no longer a Ultimate skill, they can be taken down a few pegs. When maxing E first, you gain better vision and use of your mushrooms. A stronger slow and a more trap damage. But prey tell, what would his ultimate be? That will be appear later, next is his blind. ***New Q: Purblind Poison.** Teemo shoots a piercing dart towards a targeted direction, dealing magic damage and blinding enemies hit. This dart applies on hit effects to enemies and decays by 10% in damage and blind duration for each subsequent target hit, to a minimum of 30%. Why, because Teemo lacks Aoe and a long a ranged peck. So this will modernize him. His Blind will be stronger because of this but at the same time it will not. It can be dodged and such do no damage. The range will be 1000 units and it will be as narrow as a glitter lance. It's speed can be tweaked since I have no way to judge it's speed. Maybe as fast as Ezreal's Essence Flux since the range is the same. But why allow it on hit? So we can lower the base damage to 70-110-150-190-230 and it's scaling to 30% Ability power. Why so low? You forget that it applies on hit. Nashors tooth, Lich bane(to the first hit only), and even his E is now on hit. With his E alone that is a 45-55-65% ap ratio added plus the base. It is more of a balance then a nerf when it comes to damage since it is Aoe. While keeping how long the blindness last since it decays well at at 30%. This will add a higher learning cap on Teemo and make him a higher risk and reward. You will have to time your skills with your basic attack to maximize you damage. Since a sure fire burst of a blind is kinda negative and holds so much counter play for champions it only seems fair to do so. Now how about that ult? No, that is last. Next on the list is his W and Passive. Teemo's passive has little to no effect in team fights and even less in the heat of a battle. Same for his W. With it's long cool down you really have to time it right or else it is wasted. Lets fix that shall we. ***New Passive. Lay in Ambush: When idle for 2 seconds, he will Camouflage and become invisible. When out of this buff he will gain Element of Surprise buff and gain attack speed for a set amount of time. attack speed (based on his ult's level).** **** New W: Quick Stride: Passive Teemo gains increased movement speed. Damage from champions and structures will disable this bonus for 5 seconds.** ***Active 1**: Teemo doubles his passive movement speed bonus when not taking damage. While active, Quick Stride's bonus cannot be disabled via champion or structure damage but is no longer doubled in speed. ***Active 2:** While in Lay in ambush: Stealth Procedure . Teemo is able to move while invisible for a set amount of time. He is unable to attack and will instantly UN-stealth upon doing so. Traps and wards placed in this mode will not remove the stealth-ed movement buff. Getting even more complicated if you ask me. Having relation ships between skills makes a champion stronger, skill oriented and versatile. That is something Teemo is now and I am just capitalizing on the many opportunities his kit can offer. Lets talk about the passive first. Like I said, it is weak. It is good to wait, but being a scout, you should be moving and standing there like a ward can only save you so many times. The attack speed you gain is nice and early game it can get you a kill. But it's common use is for trolling or pushing a tower. Sometimes you can catch people off guard and kill them but a passive should have a impact. So having it be more and be useful in tight situations when combined with your W is a step forward. Having it scale will weaken it early and make it stronger late. Also, since Ambush was taken (Twitch) Lay in ambush was all I could come up with. Quick Stride, sounds better then move quick, less generic. While Stealth procedure sounds military like and defines what you are doing while in stealth. So how should his W act now that it is like this? He should gain his speed like usual. But weakened a bit early game, 6-12-18-24-30%. It makes having one point on it weaker while it being maxed stronger. While doing so, decreasing it's cool down because at the moment it is very high. Having it high early is fine, so starting at 18-17-16-15-14 would even it out a bit, but increasing the duration is something that has to be done. The active movement speed and attack speed will start out small as well at 2 seconds into 2.75-3.5-4.25-5 seconds. The cool down starts as soon as the skill is activated to not over do the cool down. This way the points added in this skill changes your overall mobility. **To recap, these changes give him a lot of free range in skill choice. Max your Q for stronger ranged peck, your W for a better escape or a better gank to your enemies. Your E for better vision and map control. He is even more defined use wise as he can fill the same roles he does now with more play styles in mind.** But his ultimate? What can it be, or what should it be? This was a hard thing to find, or even think of. With so much reading and researching of poison and abilities, something unique and would fit the role of how we see Teemo. So why not another skill shot drenched in a poison most foul. ***New Ultimate: Delirium Dart: ** *Teemo shoots out a strong piercing poison dart coated with his most vile of poison. This dart instantly maxes the stacks of poison on his enemies while enemies with maximum stack suffer a poison induced fear for .75-1-1.25 seconds.* People tend to fear what they hate, so why not. Delirium is a disturbed state of mind that can happen threw intoxication. Symptoms include insomnia, hysteria, and madness. So by having a overdose of poison, you go mad and see your fear come alive. Since having it last for a long time isn't ideal, keeping it low it good. Cool down can start at 110-80-50 seconds and base damage 150-250-350 with a base with 60% Ap scaling in total (E damage included). It can not stack on hit effects other then his E to keep it in line. Its width and speed, that of Ezreal's Q. Hits just as far as well. This is truly worth a ultimate skill. It's damage scaling is low, for it sets you up with max passive stacks or a fear when stacks are filled. This can upgrade his kit and game play to greater proportions. So why am I doing this? I said it in the rant, but I will say it again with less venom. I like Teemo, and love his play style. It can do so much and bring results. Since many champs are on the chopping board for reworks and changes, I want to be heard about what I want to see on the champions I like and love to play. I started playing Lol when Elise came out and soon got addicted to it. I blame my friends, they got me hooked and since then I grew as a player. I really didn't like this game at first, for like a good month after playing but they made it enjoyable. Then I learned about the competitive side and I was hook line and sinker.I was silver in season 3 and am currently gold. I want to go beyond it, but I am content. Life story aside, you got to hate playing agents a Teemo and enjoy playing him for the glory of darkness. Please rate, comment, bump this page up to shove it in Riots face, or even flame at the mention of Teemo and a rework for him. **Sorry for any grammatical errors or being hard to understand in some parts. But thanks for reading and see you on the fields of justice. **
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