Okay, so Kayle's passive is being nerfed, considering her current state, of being a niche, and rare pick, on top of the fact that one of her most unique utility spells (You know, the one you're giving a better version of to Taric) Why the hell are you nerfing Kayle's passive? The most AD she builds anymore is Guinsoo's, and part of it's unique aspect is it helped allies too, so you could shred armor for your AD carries. Kayle is constantly nerfed. Her Q, her E damage, her attack speed, the items she builds, her R was softly caressed with no more power afforded to her, other than a slight buff to her auto attacks while E isn't on, then you nerfed her jungling capabilities, which that was the buff to. Can I get an ETA on when you're going to rework her kit, or atleast un-Evelynne her? Her Q was reduced to a weaker Nunu E, her R is no longer unique to her champion, her passive has always basically been Xin's passive, she has weaker parts of other champion's kits, and they're nerfed repeatedly, the only unique thing about her is her E, which honestly the majority of it shouldn't even be a spell anymore since her resistances and health were hit, on any other champion it'd be a passive ability. So can I look fowards to a potential Kayle rework, or is a champion I've played since early S2, just going to be constantly shitcanned for an R that isn't even that unique anymore?

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