Change Talon's E to a castable point and click?

I do enjoy the thought of having Talon do Parkour over terrain, in fact that should stay in place. What I don't enjoy is how stiff it is and how reliant it has to be on the walls of the jungle and only the few turrets and structures within the game. _ (It's also very limiting to see how many times you can cast it on the same surface, seeing as the positions you jump from can lead you to the wrong desired location. )_ His Q is a very short gap closer combined with his rake and ult, those happen to be his staples - but he has one entirely useless ability as his E in any other role besides jungling and wandering. _**What if you just gave him the ability to jump by himself in any direction - just increasing the cooldown without any surface?**_ It'd make for an interesting mechanic for him to have - since all other champions have some type of blink or dash that do damage. It would be kind of like {{champion:105}} Fizz's **"Playful/Trickster" **without damage. ~~Possibly also having him leap to allies or even enemy champions much like Katarina's Shunpo can - so he could possibly do a double jump? ~~ ( They are related after all. ) Nobody really wants to initiate with his Q, so this could possibly be an alternative - and it'd truly make him feel like an assassin with plenty of flips!
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