Asc Changes now on PBE for Testing

Hey all! As part of our ongoing commitment to refreshing the RGM modes, I’m here today to talk to you about Ascension! The major point we’ve been looking to hit is Ascended Xerath (Hereafter referred to as “Xerath”): As players get more experienced with the mode, we’re seeing that Xerath is taken less and less often, which is minimizing one of the fun points of conflict for the mode (And hurting your ability to be a badass Ascended God :) ). We’re trying something a bit different this time, detailed below. I would however like to preface this by saying this is something we’re being cautious on: We know there are going to be some negative consequences to these changes, but think the mode should overall be more enjoyable. **Ascension Changes:** **Tl;DR:** When you kill Xerath, he now drops a relic which a player can pick up to Ascend. We’re trying to encourage “Fairer” contests around Xerath, which favor the team that committed to taking him without making it entirely unstealable. We’re doing that both by changing the brush (So the Xerath pit is a tad harder to approach in Fog of War), and the Buff handoff method so that the “Last moment snipe” is insufficient alone. **Xerath Changes:** We’ve reduced the reward for killing Ascended Units (Xerath or Champs) to 3 (From 5) When you kill Xerath, a relic will begin descending, and a ring will display. After 3 seconds, the relic will spawn. Once the relic has been spawned, it can be picked up, following the rules below: 1. IF there are members of Both Teams standing in the ring, nothing will happen. 2. Otherwise, if the person who killed Xerath is in the ring, he becomes Ascended. 3. Otherwise, the person closest to the center of the relic becomes Ascended. The relic will expire 15 seconds after descending if nobody has picked it up. If it does, Xerath will respawn as normal. **Map Change:** To increase map safety, Ascension no longer has a Bush directly below Xerath. * I’m generally fairly happy with this change in all cases. Unless I’m missing something, would probably keep this in regardless of how the Xerath change feels.
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