Showdown Enabled on PBE! (Edit: Temporarily disabled)

**EDIT: Due to the minion AI issue currently affecting all modes on PBE, Showdown has been temporarily disabled. We will get this back up as soon as the issue is resolved!** Hey everyone! The Showdown featured game mode, centered around 1v1 or 2v2 skirmishes on Howling Abyss, is now playable on PBE! Give it a shot and tell us what you think! Rules are simple; you win if any of the following happen: -In a 1v1, first blood wins! In 2v2, the first team to get two kills wins. Suicides count as kills (albeit uncredited). -The first team to kill a tower wins the game. -The first team to score a combined 100 CS wins the game. Remember that unlike in ARAM, you are allowed to heal, shop, and recall to base whenever you want. There are a couple of known issues with this build that should be addressed by tomorrow: -The Showdown loading screen is WIP - champion frames might not fit properly on 2v2 during loading -Doran's items have missing tooltips when viewed from the "Recommended Items" page -Announcements for minion kill events have no VO and incomplete text -Recall's tooltip on Showdown is missing Let us know if you find any other bugs, and please feel free to leave lots of feedback about your Showdown experiences!
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