Soraka's heal costing HP

So i posted this on the thread on the NA forums, asking if soraka should or not have hp cost for heal, what do you guys think about the Q stacking and spending on the heal? "Just comparing this idea to Taric (who might get reworked/worked on true) Taric- I heal myself a lot or myself a litle and someone else a litle Soraka- I heal someone a lot and i give up my health (current% not Max% i hope) It seems soraka cant heal herself except of ulti (which stays fairly the same), will have something to help her trade of her health with Q (either big regeneration or a stack system where for a risky play you get a stack, and that stack counts for XXX HP for healing- BTW best idea ever, almost like kassadin's slow) Either way building HP seems useless, building resistances seems useless (since HP costs are basically true damage), so... AP? youre squishy and get targeted first... either her Q is a gap widener/CC so that she can stay out of the fight, or this might just be a "Taric heals better has a stun, aura armor and damage" (wich can change i know) i always picked soraka for when i: 1- Didnt trust my adc (braum does it better now) 2- Was duoing with a mana hungry adc and played very agressively with exaust and ignite 3- They could be poked easily: CaitRaka vs Vayne blitz back in the long as you dodged blitz... Soraka is a healer, but she's also a safe laner, for when you dont want to feed unnecessaraly.... You want to take out her safeness (godbless you) give her a reason to get out of safety to heal/poke with Q (staking system, 1 stack 33% free on heal, 2 stacks 50% free on heal, 3 Stacks 70% free on heal) make it a skillshot and make it do a little damage... and you can have an "infuse" healer (sorry for any typos or grammar errors, i know i may be hard to understand, but i'll clarify anything you ask me)"

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